Dr.Sneha Maheshwari

Dr.Sneha Maheshwari

Dr.Sneha Maheshwari has been a diligent researcher since her college days wherein she had been at the forefront of her peers in the study of Dental Science. Her skills in Computer-based Data and Statistical Analysis, and her passionate approach towards understanding and solving the present challenges in the field of Oral Medicine and Dental Science have immersed her in deep research on Radiology, Oral Hygiene, Oral afflictions, and Alternative Oral treatments methodologies with various imminent scholars of her field.

She has published several National and International Research papers which have been widely cited throughout her field. Through her strong enthusiasm for spreading awareness about Dental Science, she has been associated with several renowned Dental Institutions and Journals such as the Jodhpur Dental College and General Hospital where she has been an independent Researcher since 2011, the Indian Journal of Stomatology - an International peer-reviewed journal - wherein she has worked as the Assistant Editor, the International Journal of Women Dentists where she is the Assistant Editor, etc., to name a few. She is also the co-author of the book titled "Clinical methods in a dental office: History recording, examination, investigations and therapeutics" published by Jaypee Brothers, New Delhi. The book was released in January 2016.

Applying her experience and expertise, she has co-developed two Android applications on Oral Lesions and Oral Radiology which can help upcoming Dentists to detect early signs of Dental Health issues using the intuitively organized information in them. These apps have been extremely popular with more than 10,000 downloads.

Her recent endeavor also includes Genius Editing Services, which has been started to facilitate postgraduate students and professionals with their publications, so their research can reach the right platform.


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